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Fall Winterization and Blow Out. 

Winterize and Blow-out $90 for most residential systems. 10+ zones may incur additional costs.

To prevent freeze breaks for above ground devices follow these steps. The following are general examples and may not apply to your system. 

  • Turn off your sprinkler water main.

  • If the main shut-off valve is indoors drain it.

  • If the main shut-off (stop and waste) is outdoors it will drain automatically when it is off

SW location.jpg

Your irrigation shut-off might be indoors

Indoor Winterized.jpg

Open the test ports on your backflow device. 

Not all irrigation systems have a backflow device

720 Winterized.jpg
375 Winterized.jpg

Final Step

Run a cycle with your timer. You will not see any water.

Open any drains that might be in your valve boxes

Text us with your name and address to schedule the blow-out.

Note: Not all sprinkler systems require a blow-out.

We can determine if your system will require a blow-out.

If water does not spray out of the sprinkler heads during the blow-out your system does not require one.

We can advise you on how to self winterize for the following year.


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